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Asmodee - 7 Wonders Board Game

Asmodee - 7 Wonders Board Game

$57.99 USD

Two millennia ago, great cities were vying to dominate the eastern Mediterranean. Just outside of Cairo lay massive, enduring feats of engineering: the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza. At Halikarnassós a Persian king erected his own palatial tomb, the Mausoleum, and deep in the Persian Empire’s deserts flourished the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Soon Greece began to construct giant temples and statues in cities from Éphesos to Olympía to Alexandria, where the Ptolemies built a towering lighthouse that shone out across the sea.

In 7 Wonders, a card game for two to seven players, you guide an ancient city from its first foundations to its greatest achievements. Your goal is to surpass your neighbors by developing better technologies, creating a richer culture, conquering in war, and constructing magnificent architectural marvels. Across three Ages you will expand and advance your city, and at the end of each Age you will take up arms against your opponents. The player with the most victory points wins. 

Designed by Antoine Bauza, 7 Wonders is one of the most award-winning board games of all time. It has received the 2011 Kennerspiel des Jahres and Deutscher Spielpreis, the Dice Tower awards for 2010 Best Game of the Year and Best Game Artwork, and the 2011 Golden Geek Award from Board Game Geek, among numerous others. 

At its core, 7 Wonders is a civilization building game. You begin by choosing which ancient city to develop: the trading center of Rhódos, cosmopolitan Éphesos, secluded Olympía, or four others. Over the course of three ages, you’ll pass cards from player to player, shaping your chosen Mediterranean city one card (one structure) at a time. Simply select a card and play it face-up to add that structure to your city. You’ll choose from structures that produce raw materials, ones that create manufactured goods like cloth and glass, commercial structures like taverns, civilian structures like theaters, scientific structures like laboratories, and military structures like stockades. Brown and gray structures give you the basic resources necessary to create other buildings and make further innovations. Blue ones offer victory points; gold ones bring money or discounted goods. Green ones advance your progress in three major scientific fields and ultimately provide victory points. Finally, red military structures enable you to attack your neighbors and defend against their attacks.

  • Number of Players: 2–7 
  • Age: 10 and up

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