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Swissmar - 11 Pcs Arosa Stainless Steel Fondue Set

Swissmar - 11 Pcs Arosa Stainless Steel Fondue Set

$89.99 USD

From casual get­togethers with a favorite bottle of wine to avant­garde presentations at fine restaurants, fondue always finds an enthusiastic audience. The Arosa 3­in­1 stainless­steel fondue set makes it easy to explore the delicious possibilities for cooking in oil, cheese, and chocolate any time the yen strikes. Launching off from the traditional earthenware version, this updated model incorporates the classic, sturdy proportions and wide handles conducive to communal dining while introducing lighter modern construction and versatile design­for a result that is a sleek and streamlined marriage of old and new.

The 11­piece set begins with a gleaming 18/8 stainless­steel pot sitting on a matching three­legged rechaud stand. Steel is an excellent agent for fondue cooking, as it provides even heat distribution, corrosion resistance, and a nonsticking surface that's easy to cook in and clean. Underneath, a paste/gel fuel burner with a rubber­covered handle is both accessible and secure in its steady tiered base. 


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